Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Our recent press release in copy shop news.

Horizon PF-P330BIG HIT IN BRIGHTON Our thanks to russell of page 3 fame and owner of Binding Store for extending a loan of a very useful piece of finishing kit. The Horizon PF-P330 is a revolution in paper folding.Offline finishing saves down time on your print kit and with ease of use and speed of production, your operator a few quiet minutes watching someone else work.Up to 240 sheets a minute is no sweat and customers will love the non cracked fold presentation on, yes toner printed images.Historically, conventional folders have relied on friction feeding but with so many digitally printed colour pages produced these days it has been difficult to friction feed because of the shiny nature of the finish. The PF-P330 uses air suction feeding-air is blown into the stack to float the sheet, the air rotor then picks up the top sheet then rotates to advance the sheet into the folding area.This is all best experienced with a demonstration on a real customers job.You should meet the very helpful and experienced Russell who has worked in our end of the industry for more years than he wants to own up to.Also check out this very informative web link , if you are reading this live or type in next time you are on line. During are time testing this kit we even took in jobs just for finishing which proved very lucrative.A growing number of are customers do try to produce in-house but need our industry to shape the finished document, clearly an opportunity for us all.

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