Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Jump on the band wagon!

Time to jump onto the latest trend in print collateral management, no this is not a war but print presentation is very competitive. On a level playing field, when say price and quality of a customer’s stationery is comparable, how do you win more and secure your existing business? We need to take up our customer’s position and go the extra mile in helping them manage their print needs. Consider banding the usual box of 1000 letterheads in 100’s. This will save waste when salesmen raid the stationery cupboard and either takes a whole box or a handful that will be ruined sliding around in the boot of a car. Supplying decanted print batches will look more professional and save plastic in packaging. As importantly these wrappers will save the normal elastic band damage to digital print, especially those batches of a few hundred A6 colour flyers. CSN must thank the MD of Busch Graphic Machinery, Ian Jones for demonstrating the bander in Brighton. We see a lot of new bands down here but never as neat and productive as this one as requested by Russell at Try decanting a box of envelopes to prove how much you can sell small banded batches for? Loads of profit here and a real add on service of value to your customers. To stand out from the crowd when delivery print to the point of need and band those posters without strangling your goods, contact Russell 0n 01727 845848

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