Thursday, 26 January 2012

Benefits of Wire Binding

Wire Binding is also known as Double Loop Wire binding, or Ring Wire binding, Twin Loop Wire binding is a relatively fast form of binding. Wire binding gives an aesthetically pleasing finish and a sense of quality to the bound pages. Bound documents open easily, lie flat, and fold 360° making them ideal for many applications such as financial reports, note books, proposals, cook books and training manuals.

Electric closers can also greatly enhance productivity such as the Renz ECL360

HOW IT WORKS: Wire is available in two patterns - 2 loops (2:1 pitch) per inch or 3 loops (3:1 pitch) per inch. The number of holes in the documents must match the wire pattern. The wire comes "open" so that the punched pages can be inserted into the loops. After all of the pages are in place the book is inserted into a closing machine where a closing bar either electronically or manually closes the wire to a predetermined diameter, making a round, sealed bind.

DOCUMENT THICKNESS: 1/4" to bind up to 35 sheets through 1½" to bind up to 320 sheets of 80gsm.

Solo Press opt for Renz Binding solution

Southend-on-Sea Printers Solo Press have opted for a new Renz Binding machine solution to upgrade there existing wire binding equipment. They opted for the ever popular Renz DTP-340A semi automatic punch. This model has the ability to punch up to 25,000 sheets of 80gsm per hour. The machine punch tools can be changed in under 1 minute and all common tools such as 2:1, 3:1, comb, spiral and even a 4/2 hole punch is available, making this a highly productive and versitile punching system.

The commercial and digital printers also opted for the Renz ECL360 electric wire closer This is one of the only electric closers with the ability to close wires of both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch rite upto 38mm in diameter. (1 1/2")This was an important factor to Solo Press as many of there manuals produced are over 300 pages long.
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